Who To See

ServiceWho To See
Well Person Check Healthcare Assistant
Blood TestsPractice Nurse or Healthcare Assistant or Phlebotomist
Blood Pressure ChecksPractice Nurse or Healthcare Assistant
Heart or Stroke ClinicsPractice Nurse
Diabetic ClinicPractice Nurse
Asthma, COPD & Spirometry ClinicsPractice Nurse (or Healthcare Assistant  for Asthma Reviews)
Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) ChecksPractice Nurse or Healthcare Assistant
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) ChecksPractice Nurse or Healthcare Assistant
Epilepsy ClinicPractice Nurse
Learning Disability ReviewsPractice Nurse
Mental Health ReviewsPractice Nurse
Contraception & HRTPractice Nurse or Doctor
Dementia ReviewsPractice Nurse or Doctor
Immunisations & B12 InjectionsPractice Nurse
Travel ClinicPractice Nurse – Meryl Smith
Cervical ScreeningPractice Nurse
Child Health ClinicsHealth Visitor
Weight ManagementPractice Nurse
Dietary AdviceDietician Via Referral By A Doctor
Query Urine InfectionsPractice Nurse or Doctor via telephone consultation
Rheumatology MonitoringPractice Nurse or Healthcare Assistant